Infrared Imaging For Changing Bags
The System
Watch The Video
The PhotoVision IR camera and integrated infrared emitter is a small compact unit measuring 1 1/2 x 2 inches. The high-quality camera is near Hi-8 in resolution (410 lines) and uses a multi-element precision lens with a 92 degree field of view.
The PhotoVision IR camera is installed by feeding the camera and its power/video cable through the sleeve of the changing bag/tent.
The elastic band(s) in the sleeve maintain a light-tight seal between the cables and the users arm.
Once inside, the PhotoVision IR camera is attached to the top of the changing bag/tent. PhotoVision IR works best with changing products with internal support such as this Photoflex Changing Room. Use in a standard changing bag would require some type of support to get the camera away from the work. The camera can focus down to very close distances.

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